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Mar 31 2020 -

Bem Vindo ao Server Tibionix.

Bem Vindo ao Server Tibionix.

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Ip Address: • Server Port: 7171 • Tibia Client: 10, 12.4 e Mobile • » Downloads «
Rates: Exp inicial: 300x | Magic: 15.0x | Skill: 25.0x | Loot: 3.0x

Seja bem vindo ao servidor TibioniX, contamos com Mapa Global Full contendo as mais recentes atualizações, todas quests global e algumas inéditas, NPCS diversificados aos arredores do mapa, cooldown de magias ajustadas, sistemas exclusivos e eventos automaticos.
Um servidor totalmente com RPG.
Tudo que você precisa para ter diversão garantida você encontra aqui.

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Most Powerfull Guilds

Pelego da Teleton

16 kills

Malandros TM

2 kills


1 kills


0 kills

Dark Souls

0 kills

Sep 03 2020 -
Upgrading the Tibionix server

In order to ensure gameplay on our server, all bugs reported by the players have been fixed and adjusted for better performance.
All of you players were essential for identifying and reporting many problems, thank you!
What has been fixed?
  • New Tibionix items, including Rings, Amulets and Weapons.
  • We carry out a balance of vocations.
  • Buffs added to the imbuements.
  • We buff the Summons of vocations.
  • We buffer the damage from the Sudden Death Rune.
  • We buffed some arrows.
  • Adjusted the loot rate of some monsters and bosses, seeking a better balance.
  • A complete rework on the boss loot.
  • Auto Loot went from 10 to 40 slots.
  • We fixed Regen on Treiners 100%.
  • Tibionix items can now be used for level 100.
  • We updated the Daily Reward system in the Depot.
  • We did the full Summer Update and Winter Update 2020.
  • We did Feaster of Souls 2020.
  • We did Graver Danger 2020.
  • Adjusted bosses that were in error when pulling the lever.
  • Correction of Shrines Entries for Feyrist.
  • Correction of Monsters Points.
  • Launch of Summer Update 2020 (new items, addons, mounts, monsters and bosses).
  • Correction in several npcs.
  • We optimize Spells (spells).
  • We fixed a problem in Guilds.
  • We redid all our levers, if you don't kill the Boss the system clears the room for the next player.
  • More than 120 fixed reports. (we appreciate your help).
  • We added the npc Valar Dohaeris to exchange Skull tibionix.
  • New monster invasions on BOSS ROOM.
  • We remade the formula of Paralyze Rune 100%.
  • We remade the 456 warzones.
  • Correction in Dwarven Legs Quest 100%.
  • We registered the items of the Summer update 2020.
  • Firewalker Boots update (now it's not over).
  • Pair of Soft Boots (now it's not over).
  • New Demon Oak system 100%.
  • We fixed Thais' tomb.
  • We remade the hunt in the manhole of Thais.
  • In PREY we added monsters like Cobra Vizier, Cobra Assassin and Cobra Scout.
  • We fixed the Boss The Nightmare Beast.
  • Boss Hades launch.
  • A new vocation reward system added.
  • correction in cults bosses.
  • fix port hope deathlings entrance.



See you soon with the next update!


Have fun in TibioniX!
Your Community Managers 

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Jul 16 2020 -
Welcome to server Tibionix
Welcome to server Tibionix 


The best and most complete high-rate server in Brazil on the stage today and we will always keep our work with the latest updates and features every day!
You must be wondering now what has new and different on the server?
There are some new rare artifacts you can get on our server:

There are some new monsters you can face on our server:

There are some new Outfits you can wear on our server:



New Hunts



New Bosses



Have fun in TibioniX!
Your Community Managers 

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Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal

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Top 5 Experience

1 - Reggae Marola
   Level: (854)
   Master Sorcerer
2 - Marolinha
   Level: (838)
   Elite Knight
3 - Paulin Pinho
   Level: (830)
   Elder Druid
4 - Simasturbo
   Level: (827)
   Elder Druid
5 - Sorc Da Dpweb
   Level: (823)
   Master Sorcerer